Minister Pat Lowe

Freedom to YOU,

On behalf of The Guiding Light Church Women’s Ministry, I am beyond excited to welcome you to UNLEASH 2022. This year’s conference is back to ‘live and in person’ with a powerful line up of speakers, anointed music and more to help unleash and set you free to excel in keeping with our theme – Breaking Free. We are also excited to livestream all three days of the conference on The Guiding Light Church’s YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

The kick-off for our 3-day conference on Friday, September 30th, 7:00 p.m., is an original stage play, “Free Yourself,” featuring renowned comedian Mrs. V and the GLC drama team.   It is the story of besties – Jackie, Fiona, and Addison, all bound with their own distractions that are keeping them from achieving their dreams.  The play explores the struggles of overcoming the strongholds of fear, anxiety, addiction, financial problems, and domestic violence. It will unlock the secret to living a life of freedom by enlightening us to real-life solutions of real-life issues that are often within our reach to free ourselves. “Free Yourself” is open to the public.

On Saturday, UNLEASH 2022 continues at 9:00 a.m. with anointed teachers, Rev Dr. Cassandra Gould of St Louis, Missouri and Minister Vanessa Pettway of Birmingham, leading the adult sessions. The talented Tebriel Alexander will minister in spoken word. Minister Bria Gilmore of Tampa, Florida, is our special speaker for the teen breakout sessions, and Minister Karen Malone of Birmingham, is our special speaker for the youth breakout sessions.

UNLEASH 2022 culminates on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. with guest psalmist, Brenda Torrence Mckenzie, followed by a powerful word from God along with a celebration of freedom.

A few years ago, God gave me the words to our conference theme song.  Some of the lyrics are:       

There are no chains, that can hold you down.

There are no limits, there are no bounds.

There is no failure, once you have found.

Inside of you, there’s power that works for you!

Unleash, that miracle working power in you.

Set free, your hopes and your dreams from inside of you.

Release, the power you need to get your breakthrough.

Unleash the power, Set free the power, Release the power, In You!

UNLEASH 2022 is about freedom.  It’s a celebration of Breaking Free and it is free!  Gather friends and family and join us for the three powerful days!!  You are welcome!!!

 The Guiding Light Church Women’s Ministry welcomes YOU!  

Minister Pat Lowe

First Lady of Guiding Light Church